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Josef Fares has become somewhat of a cult figure since his expletive-laden outburst at The Game Awards. Despite EA fronting the cash for this one, A Way Out is one of more anticipated 'indie' games of 2018. Playable exclusively in co-op, A Way Out looks to be a unique genre-blend where teamwork must be considered at all times. Fortunately, two people only need to buy a single copy of the game. The downside is that you'll need a friend who's also got the required PC specs to run A Way Out.
Josef Fares is never one to mince his words. He is, after all, now notorious for his infamous “Fuck the Oscars” speech during The Game Awards. So it was with a curious eye I watched a new gameplay video of his upcoming co-op adventure game A Way Out, a video in which Fares claims that EA won’t be making a single dollar from this sale of his game, despite being the publisher of said game.
What appears to be an internal email from EA has leaked, showing off a bunch of slides from a presentation concerning A Way Out and the indie-like Fe. Assuming the leak is real, and it certainly looks real enough, for what it’s worth, then A Way Out may be literally that - a way out.
Joes Fares, the Hazelight founder who was up on stage during EA’s E3 2017 press conference to reveal co-op adventure A Way Out, has absolutely laid into Sony’s PlayStation 4 during a recent interview. Fares claims the PlayStation 4 is the equivalent of a five-year-old PC and it’s holding back game developer.
One of the big question marks hanging over EA’s Play event was what the two new game reveals would be. BioWare’s sci-fi action game seemed like a safe bet, but the other came right out of left field. It’s called A Way Out, a co-op prison break game from the creator of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and his studio at Hazelight. More importantly, it’s looking like a fantastically fresh take on what is a dying art.