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BioWare has been busy showing off some new Anthem gameplay during Paris Games Week 2018 and, well, I’ll let you come to your own conclusions before I steam in with mine. Rather than the usual scripted story-based missions we’ve seen so far, this latest half-hour look at Anthem is more of a look at the moment to moment gameplay.
BioWare has dropped a surprise new gameplay trailer for Anthem, rolling out its “Our World, My Story” marketing speak in an effort to show how Anthem will attempt to please both co-op fans and solo players. Despite being an always-online experience, BioWare is keen to tout its storytelling chops in this trailer, trying to assuage fans worried the online element may end up taking away from Anthem’s narrative core.
Mark Darrah, Bioware's Executive Producer on Anthem has shared the following Anthem hands-on showcase game video from E3 2018. There is 20 minutes of gameplay being narrated by Lead Producer Ben Irving from the Anthem team.
EA made a big song and dance about Anthem during the tail-end of its E3 2018 press conference, but there are still a huge number of questions to be answered about the game, in particular how it matches up with BioWare’s previous work on single-player focused narrative RPGs. Anthem certainly looks like a game that isn’t designed to be blown through over a long weekend. Instead, BioWare is busy designing an endgame that will have players coming back to its world week after week.
EA reserved the back-end of its rather anticlimactic EA Play E3 2018 conference for a deep dive on BioWare’s Anthem.
Last year, EA smashed out a massive surprise with the reveal of Anthem at E3. At E3 2018, the focus is back on Bioware. Anthem is going to be on display in full force, backed up by the imperious Battlefield V. Both of these games are hugely anticipated, but we don't actually much about either.
EA CFO Blake Jorgensen has confirmed during a financial call with analysts that BioWare’s co-op MMO, Anthem, will be launching in March 2019.
EA seems to have had an incredible moment of self-awareness, admitting that “it’s clear to us that players see the company differently than we do.” I think that probably deserves the slowest of claps.
Drew Karpyshyn, the lead writer on Mass Effect, has just announced that he’s leaving BioWare once again. Karpyshyn originally worked on the Mass Effect trilogy at BioWare before leaving in 2012, rejoining in 2015 to help with writing for EA MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic. He then moved onto the Anthem team, but three years later he's left once again, roughly a year before Anthem is due to launch.
EA’s been nattering about its financial results, letting slip to investors that BioWare’s Anthem has officially been pushed back to Q4 FY 2019 (Spring 2019), as well as revealing that Battlefield 2018 will be launching this October.
The pressure is truly mounting on BioWare’s Anthem if an insider report from Kotaku is to be believed. Jason Schreier reports that BioWare has doubled down on the development of Anthem, bringing in the majority of staff from its other studios at both Edmonton and Austin in an effort to get the game finished. As a result of this, the upcoming Dragon Age game and Star Wars: The Old Republic are being run with a skeleton crew.