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Ben Irving, lead producer on Anthem, has taken the first lifeboat out of that sinking ship, announcing he’s leaving BioWare after eight years with the once-venerated RPG developer.
Of Electronic Arts’ failures over the years, Anthem is certainly one of the biggest. Star Wars Battlefront 2 still managed to shift a boatload of copies and is supported and improved to this day, while Anthem has practically faded from the face of the Earth. EA didn’t even deem it necessary to talk about the game at E3 2019.
Electronic Arts continued to demonstrate some awe-inspiring stupidity during its latest Q4 2019 financial results conference call. Seemingly determined to learn absolute nothing, zilch, from the commercial failures of Anthem, Battlefield V, Star Wars Battlefront 2, and whatever else you care to name, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said the publisher is doubling down on live-service games, claiming the old way of doing games is now dead.
Another lengthy report into the strife at Bioware has come to light, courtesy of Kotaku’s Jason Schreier. He’s been sleuthing around the development of Dragon Age 4, a game which was (very briefly) announced during The Game Awards in December.
Anthem cratered both critically and commercially, but this wasn’t an extinction event according to Bioware. The sci-fi co-op loot shooter (use of the word shlooter is strictly prohibited) is “here to stay” according to Bioware community manager Jesse Anderson.
It would be fair to say Anthem is the yin to Apex Legends’ yang. Where Apex succeeded, Anthem has failed. It’s not failed spectacularly but with the sort of tepid whimper that has us worrying for the future of BioWare. The first sales figures out of the UK suggested it had sold just half the number of copies of Mass Effect Andromeda at launch, which was itself half of Mass Effect 3.
EA wants you to forget, just for a moment, all about its other sci-fi shooter that’s arrived out of nowhere and is breaking records, to remember that BioWare’s Anthem is actually coming out next week (sort of).
Seemingly determined to repeat the mistakes of Battlefield V’s launch, EA has revealed a nice big chart to let you decipher when and where you’re actually going to be able to play Anthem. And, if you’re the traditional sort who prefers to pay sixty bucks and own a copy of the game then bad luck, you’re going to be playing Anthem later than anyone else.
The first major PC gaming release of 2019 is upon us today. Resident Evil 2 Remake has been scooping rave reviews and has already totted up 54,000 concurrent players on Steam. It’s a biggie alright, and AMD users are recommended to grab the new Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 19.1.2 GPU driver in order to ensure optimum performance in Resi Evil 2 Remake.
We’re barreling toward’s Anthem’s release date faster than a well-oiled Javelin and BioWare is really beginning to fill us in on the glorious nitty-gritty details of its co-op online action-RPG.
UPDATE: Following on front last month's preliminary specs, EA has revealed the final PC system requirements for Anthem. BioWare's sci-fi online RPG is quite the looker, impressing us several times since its reveal back in 2017. Anthem looks as if it's going to be quite the test for any rig, particularly if you plan to max out Anthem's PC graphics settings.




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