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Data miners have been going a little bit mad with the latest build of Apex Legends, uncovering a whole treasure trove of potential updates coming to the battle royale shooter. This includes new modes, features, and the skills of the first two new Legends.
Apex Legends has been out for well over a week now and you've had a fair chunk of time to get to grips with Respawn's battle royale shooter. When you hit the ground and scramble for your loot, the only thing that separates you from everyone else is which is the Legends you picked. Each grants you special bonus abilities, both passive and activated, and all of them can help to turn the tide of battle in your favour. But which is the best?
We’re a bit late catching up on this one but Respawn has pushed the first patch for Apex Legends.
Welcome to another episode of ‘How Well is Apex Legends Doing?’ It turns out it’s doing really rather well indeed, hitting 25 million unique players within just a week of its launch, including a concurrent player count peak of 2 million over the weekend. I know, I was there when the servers came to a grinding halt for 45 painful minutes.
Apex Legends has launched with an absolute bang. Not only did Respawn’s battle royale shooter hit a million players in just eight hours, but it’s also now cruised past a staggering 10 million within the first 72 hours of launching. This means that figure of one million joining in the first eight hours hasn’t slowed down, it’s actually sped up.
Announced yesterday, Apex Legends is out on PC and available to play for free right now. It's 60-player squad-based battle royale spun off from the Titanfall universe. Apex Legends uses the Source engine and runs pretty well overall. However, those with lower-end systems may run into frame rate issues in Apex.
Graphics card drivers are like buses in that they always come in twos. No sooner has Nvidia got its GeForce RTX laptop driver out has AMD released its Radeon Adrenalin 19.2.1 GPU with support for a pair of huge games. AMD has actually one-upped Nvidia here with official driver support for both Apex Legends and The Division 2 Private Beta.
Yesterday, Respawn did something very unusual, and especially unusual for a developer now owned by a AAA behemoth like EA. It announced and release Apex Legends there and then. No waiting. No marketing campaign. Nothing. Just ‘here it is’; it costs nothing; play it and see what you think.
UPDATE: Apex Legends has been revealed and it's out right now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Apex Legends is a free-to-play 60-player battle royale title loosely set in the Titanfall universe.