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Phoenix Labs has announced the Dauntless open beta has gone live on PC, with more than one million players already signed up to play the Monster Hunter-like online action game. The studio is formed from a number of ex-Riot, Capcom, and BioWare developers, and there’s quite a bit of buzz around Dauntless going into the open beta.
Dauntless was only recently announced in Dec 2016 and there is talk of its release as early as the end of 2017. To lend weight to this release date we have just been passed the first Dauntless system requirements by Phoenix Labs. Phoenix Labs, is a mid sized development studio, who are making Dauntless. Among their ranks are ex Blizzard and Bioware employees. The Dauntless recommended requirements are mid level by todays hardware standards, with a GTX 970 graphics card ear marked as the graphics card for 1080p and around 60 FPS at high graphics settings.