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The good news just keeps on rolling for Gears fans on PC. Not only is Gears 5 coming to Steam, and not only will there be no uber-expensive season pass or map packs, but we’re also being treated to 60Hz multiplayer servers. That’s really not bad for a game of this ilk and bodes well for Gears 5’s multiplayer prospects.
The Coalition are in full swing developing the latest Gears of War, now called Gears 5. And they have announced that will be running a tech test for multiplayer they are referring to as "Versus Multiplayer" on the 19th July. This will be open to Xbox Game Pass holders and Windows Store preorders. In so doing they have also shared with us their Gears 5 system requirements. They have detailed the Minimum, recommended and "ideal" which are Ultra system requirements, so all us PC gamers will get an idea of how well our own gaming hardware is likely to perform when running Gears 5.
Gears fans, you’re in luck. The team at The Coalition have confirmed there’ll be no Season Pass or Gear Packs for Gears of War 5.
Microsoft has made some interesting plays in the PC gaming space, announcing the official Xbox Game Pass for PC, more first-party games coming to Steam, and support for Win32 games on the Windows 10 Store.
Back in the real world, nations are dropping out of the World Cup likes flies. 32 is quickly becoming 16. Here too, in the GD World Cup 2018, we're beginning to wave goodbye to a few games that just couldn't raise the hype like the others. If you want the likes of Hitman 2, Fallout 76, and Nioh 2 to stay in, they'll need every vote to secure victory. It's not just about the games though, as you can also nab yourself a fat prize in our hardware giveaway.
Today's round of the giveaway competition features six future gaming giants slugging it out in the GD Gaming World Cup. Just vote for your most anticipated games in the polls below and you could win a massive prize.



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