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Microsoft has laid its cards on the table for the upcoming month of Xbox Game Pass titles, and it’s a bit of a belting collection. For those out of the loop, Xbox Game Pass is a Netflix-like subscription service wherein users have access to a growing library of games for as long as their subscription lasts. The downside is that games can slide off out of the service, but it’s steadily expanded from 100 titles at launch to just over 200 now.
The Onrush open beta is currently live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, giving console gamers a sneak peek at what to expect from Codemasters’ upcoming arcade racer.
Codemasters is very keen to paint the upcoming Onrush as the Overwatch of the arcade racing world, so it probably makes a great deal of sense that the latest trailer delves into the eight different classes available in Onrush, each offering a unique combination of skills which can be used to get one-up on the opposition during the high-octane stampede.
No matter how previews I read, or how many trailers I watch, I’m still none the wiser about what you do in Onrush, the new racing game from Codemasters in which, well, you don’t actually race. You see, there is no finish line. Your position in the pack doesn’t matter. Blow up into smithereens and you’ll be instantly placed back into the thick of the action. Just to make it even more confusing, it’s been described as drawing inspiration from hero shooter Overwatch, of all places.
Arcade racing fans rejoice, for Codemasters has dropped an action-packed new gameplay trailer for Onrush, its offroad racing game without a finish line. It’s looking like the sort of high-octane fun we’ve been busy for a while, the genre all but abandoned after the last generation of consoles.
Blast-from-the-past arcade racer Onrush will be coming to PC, publisher Codemasters has confirmed. Onrush is a fast and furious arcade racer from the folks previously known as Evolution Studios, featuring a range of cars, motorbikes and off-road vehicles all taking part in frantic sprints across mountainous terrain. Inspired by Overwatch as much as it is Motorstorm, the twist on Onrush is that the aim isn’t to cross the finish line first. In fact, there is no finishing line.
There were quite a few goodies tucked inside Sony’s Paris Games Week 2017 conference yesterday evening, but one of the highlights was undoubtedly Codemasters’ Onrush. The first game to come out of the studio formerly known as Evolution Studios, developer of DriveClub, Onrush is a chaotic, over-the-top arcade racer with huge twisting, turning courses to navigate.