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Boss Key Productions has closed down, the studio’s found Cliff ‘CliffyB’ Bleszinski announced in a statement yesterday evening. The Lawbreakers developer released Radical Heights into Steam Early Access just under a month ago, but it seems this last ditch attempt at saving the studio hasn’t proven enough.
“Buckle up those fanny packs, Contestants!” announces Boss Key Studios, as those of us here in the UK stifle our giggles. It’s the announcement of the second major update for its 80’s game show-themed battle royale - Radical Heights.
Radical Heights launched into ‘xtreme’ Early Access last week, and since then Boss Key Studios has been busy cobbling together the first patch for what is admittedly a pretty rough game.
Lawbreakers was sadly one of the lowest profile failures of 2017. It was a decent game that arrived with all the impact of a gone off banana thrown with a broken wrist. After several attempts to get its heart pumping again, development was canceled last week. And here we are, four days later, and develop Boss Key Studios has announced its new project - Radical Heights. It's a free-to-play 80's game show-themed battle royale shooter, seemingly laser targeted at today's hottest gaming trends. Too little too late? We'll have to find out.