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Cloud Imperium Games have just added Hurston to Star Citizen, the game’s first fully explorable planet. The celebrate the event, CIG is offering a Free Fly even in Star Citizen next week.
The annual CitizenCon is in full swing and CIG fans are in place to celebrate all things Star Citizen. Does anybody us chuckle at the irony of Star Citizen’s fan event being called CitizenCon? No, just me? I’ll get my coat.
The enigmatic Star Citizen is still a difficult thing for us mere mortals to wrap our puny minds around, but those who’ve dropped thousands of dollars into this crowdfunded space venture are already busy exploring the depths of its universe.
Star Citizen has a new Legatus Pack that bundles together nearly every ship in the game, totaling 117 in all. The price? A mere $27,000.
Cloud Imperium Games don’t do anything by halves so we shouldn’t be surprised that their latest video feature on the single-player Squadron 42 portion of Star Citizen clocks in at over half an hour. Star Citizen’s undoubtedly one of those games where you get out as much as you put in, just be prepared to put a whole lot.
After countless delays, Star Citizen’s major 3.0 update launched around a month ago, and since then Cloud Imperium Games has been frantically trying to fix bugs, tweak systems and make the adjustments necessary for a solid gameplay experience.
The weird (and potentially wonderful, we just don’t know yet????) world of Star Citizen got even stranger this week with the introduction of yet another way to pledge your support. They’re now selling land-based tanks to backers, ranging in price from $95 for the Tumbril Nova Tank LTI Warbond, through to $725 for the Deluxe Ground Vehicle Pack LTI VIP. If you’re buying that last one then I can only reason you’ve gone absolutely insane, particularly since Crytek went public with its lawsuit against Cloud Imperium Games.
Star Citizen's Squadron 42 single-player campaign has been a long time coming. Recently, it switched to a totally separate release as well, CIG splintering it off into its own entity. Just like Star Citizen though, Squadron 42 comes with some hefty minimum PC system requirements.
Crytek seems to love courtrooms and legal dramas, like a multinational corporation version of my mum,  so it should come as little surprise to see it’s attempting to sue Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) for Copyright Infringement and Breach of Contract.
Star Citizen has always been operating like the Wild West of gaming, and now Cloud Imperium Games has taken this a step further with the ability to buy licenses for plots of land. There’s gold in them there asteroid belts.
Like a mythical unicorn cresting a hill, the Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 release with planetary landings is finally live. Hold on a second though, don’t go booting it up just yet. The Star Citizen 3.0 Alpha is only available to a limited group of backers known as the Evocati Test Flight, and they can give it a go on Star Citizen’s Public Test Universe (PSU). It’s not quite out for public consumption then, but it’s damn close.