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It’s been an Early Access stalwart for the last four years, but The Forest will at long last be wiping the human blood from its claret-stained lips and leaving the cozy confines of Steam’s incubator this month.
Survival horror title The Forest hits open access today, as the game’s Alpha version lands on Steam for those who want to get involved in The Forest’s development.
Tearing semi-naked around a forest full of cannibalistic mutants might not be everyone's cup of tea but, for those brave few who wish for nothing more than a loincloth and a cliffside shack, while they shriek into the driving rain, The Forest may be a godsend. 
New screens from upcoming indie horror The Forest reveal that this is one terrifying walk in the woods you might want to go on.
If you were looking to a cheery and uplifting start to your Sunday, you’ve come to the wrong place, as upcoming survival horror The Forest has released a brand new batch of screenshots showing dead, dying and disgusting things in all their glory.
SKS Games studio have so far published only one game - the iOS title 'End Night'.