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Watch Dogs Legion proved a magnificent opening to what ended up a fairly humdrum Ubisoft E3 conference. Set in near-future London, Watch Dogs Legion depicts a post-Brexit society in which Scotland has splintered off and gained independence. Authoritarian rule reigns supreme, surveillance cameras watch the citizen’s every move, and the lines between technical advances and high-tech menace grow ever blurrier. It is, to put it lightly, a deeply political game, and one which flies in the face of Ubisoft’s claims it’s “not trying to make political statements [in its] games.”
Watch Dogs Legion was unleashed on the world this evening with a lengthy gameplay trailer to kick off Ubisoft’s E3 2019 live showcase. To be honest, it was just amazing to actually get some gameplay for once, it’s been in short supply in the big conferences this year.
Ubisoft is a publisher which certainly hasn't disappointed at E3 in recent years. With EA throwing the towel in, all eyes are on Ubisoft to see what this multiplatform giant can deliver in terms of announcements.
UPDATE: It's official, Watch Dogs 3 is coming, and it's called Watch Dogs Legion.