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World War Z is getting a Game of the Year edition in the next month because, well, I guess someone gave it Game of the Year? It’s almost like games companies can self-proclaim their titles as ‘Game of the Year’ without anything to back it up. Anyway, the new edition comes complete with all the DLC including a new episode to play, weapon and character packs, as well as access to all the free content added to the base game after it originally launched.
Once again we are back to tell you what games are currently free (to keep forever!) on the Epic Games Store. We’ve had some really good ones so far, from Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, to Watch Dogs and the Stanley Parable, to a whole bunch of indie games, and now we have a few more to add to our growing lists: the zombie-killing game World War Z, the musical action-adventure game Figment, and the profanity-fueled hallucinogenic action-packed 2D top-down hellish action game Tormentor x Punisher (and yes, that is an appropriate description).
Epic Games doesn’t do anything without being horrendously aggressive, like those weird egg Twitter accounts, so the first ever Epic Games Store sale obviously wasn’t going to be any different.
After a blockbuster start which saw it shift more than a million copies during its first week on sale, Saber Interactive has unveiled the first post-launch content for World War Z. Season One will begin its first drop this month, adding in a bunch of new goodies like weapons, missions, difficulty levels, and more, over the next three months.
World War Z has sold an impressive 1 million in the week since its launch, with over a quarter of these sales coming through the controversial Epic Games Store. Saber Interactive announced the impressive sales figures before Epic Games waded in and congratulated the team on “selling over 250,000 units of World War Z so far on the Epic Games store!”
AMD has released its latest Radeon graphics card driver, bringing official support for both World War Z and Anno 1800. The Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.4.2 update provides some significant performance enhancements for today’s launch of co-op shooter World War Z, including frame rate gains of up to 24% depending upon your hardware and screen resolution.
We’re fast rolling up to World War Z’s April 16th launch date on PC and consoles. The zombies are infected, humanity is on its last knees, and it’s about time four people teamed up and gained down each and every thing that movies.
Focus has revealed a new trailer for Saber’s World War Z, this time showing the ‘dynamic swarm’ system in players for the hundreds of brain-munchers that can appear on screen at any one time.
Gather your buddies, World War Z has a release date. The co-operative zombie horde shooter will be coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on April 16th. The PC version, naturally, is going to be exclusive to the Epic Games Store.
Developers have long ago given up on advancing enemy AI in shooters, but World War Z revels in AI stupidity with its massed zombie hordes shown in the new The Horde trailer. The ranks of zombies can number well into the hundreds, and potentially even into the thousands from the looks of things.
One of the handful of games 'lucky' enough to be chosen for the Epic Games store, World War Z is an adaptation of the terrible movie which itself was adapted from the cult book. It's third-person co-op zombie slaying, albeit this time with literal hordes of zombies. Hundreds of them, all trying to rip your guts out. It sounds like a recipe for low frame rates, so here's Saber Interactive's recommend requirements for World War Z on PC.