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Nvidia’s just pushed its GeForce 385.28 driver out the door, providing the usual smattering of bug fixes and day one game ready optimisations. New drivers are always exciting because that usually chimes with the arrival of new games. In this instance it’s the pairing of Agents of Mayhem and Killing Floor: Incursion, the VR exclusive spin-off for Tripwire’s shooter.
Don’t worry folks, the insane summer drought of 2017 is nearly at an end. After an excruciating few months in which basically nothing has happened since E3, Agents of Mayhem kicks off what promises to be hectic back half of the year. Volition’s tongue-in-cheek open-world romp is with us on August 15th, and the team has dropped one of the final trailers, introducing us to The Firing Squad, a trio of morally ‘flexible’ agents.
Volition has been chatting about its upcoming Agents of Mayhem, and the technical improvements that can be had depending on the power of your hardware. The likes of the PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One X and, of course, PC , will have better visuals, higher resolution support and, perhaps most excitingly, denser NPC populations in Seoul.
Agents of Mayhem looks silly, delightfully so, and it’s just the sort of hijinks we expect from the folks at Volition having cut their teeth on the Saints Row series. The latest Agents of Mayhem trailer is with us, and it’s an ode to the magnificently moustachioed Magnum P.I.
While all eyes are on E3 next week, we’re not actually all that far off the mini games rush in August that has now become the starting pistol for the holiday season. Agents of Mayhem is the first to drop on August 15th, ready for the spotlight when we’re all starved for games during the summer drought. Volition is really ramping up the marketing campaign as well, dropping another new trailer for Agents of Mayhem, this time taking a look at the vehicular carnage on offer in its open-world Saints Row spin-off. 
It’s probably now bigger news when a AAA game doesn’t use Denuvo Anti-Tamper technology, so it comes as little surprise to hear that both Tekken 7 and Agents of Mayhem will utilise the controversial form of DRM. 
As ideas go, dropping the well worn Saints Row name and just embracing the superhero craziness for Agents of Mayhem may have been a good one for Volition. Set in loosely the same universe as Saints Row, Agents of Mayhem has the player leading a band of super agents against a villainous organisation known a Legion. Agents of Mayhem features a huge open-world rendition of Seoul to explore, taking down Legion by any means possible. Before you suit up and leave the Batcave though, here are the official Agents of Mayhem PC system requirements.
A swanky new trailer has dropped for Agents of Mayhem, the single-player, open-world action game set in the same universe as Saints Row. This time around we get a sneak peek at the first three playable agents. Fortune, Hardtack and Hollywood together form the Franchise Force, a commercially savvy bunch of superheroes looking to get their names lit up in lights by taking on the nefarious Legion.
The Saints Row series quickly went to absurd depths of absurdity in the span of three or four games, moving from gangbanging ode to GTA to a superhero president taking on Satan within Hell itself. Volition jumped the shark with a 40-storey leap. Agents of Mayhem looks no different, but at least this time it’s wrapped up in the preposterousness of honest-to-goodness superheroes. Or anti-heroes if you like, because the Agents of Mayhem are a band of misfits who crave destruction as much as they do bringing down supervillain organisation LEGION. Volition has just released the first gameplay trailer for Agents of Mayhem, alongside a release date for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.
Volition has (probably wisely) chosen against working on Saints Row V, instead announcing its new game is in fact a brand new IP. Agents of Mayhem is set within a new comic book hero universe, building on the over-the-top open-world gameplay seen in Saints Row IV. We’ve also got our mitts on the first ever trailer.