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The Creative Assembly brings the fear once more in a new Alien: Isolation trailer, where they’re once more promising pant-soiling aplenty and chances of survival rapidly dropping to 0%.
With Alien: Isolation The Creative Assembly is attempting create the true meaning of fear, bringing survival horror back to its roots. Trapped aboard the spaceship Sevastopol, Ellen Ripley's daughter Amanda must enter into a frantic battle of wits with a deadly alien menace breathing down her neck. 
It’s not often that pre-order DLC is a must-have, but Sega and The Creative Assembly have gone and bucked that trend by announcing two exclusive missions for Alien: Isolation featuring the original cast and events from the 1979 film Alien.
A new video from Alien: Isolation developer The Creative Assembly reveals the importance of sound in scaring the bejesus out of you.
Creative Assembly has announced the release date for its upcoming Alien game Alien: Isolation.
The “Alien” franchise took a bit of a battering last year. Gearbox Software’s impressive FPS development history showed little evidence in the broken AI and lack of continuity with the Aliens franchise in Aliens: Colonial Marines.
A new batch of Alien: Isolation screens show off Xenomorph close-ups, in what could well be deemed an oral hygienists worst ever day at the office.
Oh no, not that Ripley but her daughter, Amanda Ripley, in a new survival horror from Total War creators The Creative Assembly.