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Alone in the Dark, the big daddy of survival horror, is back from its slumber after more than half a decade, looking to right the wrongs of its predecessor and reimagine the series with Alone in the Dark: Illumination. Now, AitD: Illumination is in fact a four-player survival title this time around, ensuring the game's name is doubly ridiculous, plonking you and up to three other players in the town of Lorwich, which looks to have been overrun by a host of demonic beasts. 
Atari has release the first trailer and screens for its upcoming Alone in the Dark game, Alone in the Dark: Illumination. It’s a somewhat paradoxical title seeing as you won’t even be alone in this four-player co-operative shooter, set in the abandoned Virginia mining town of Lorwich which has been on the receiving end of a huge flood.