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We knew Sega was gearing up for a major AAA announcement at Gamescom and now we know exactly what is - Humankind is the monstrously ambitious new 4X strategy title from Amplitude Studios, the outfit behind the sumptuous Endless Space and Legend franchises. 
If you’re even vaguely interested in pointing, clicking, and destroying, then the new Humble Strategy Bundle is definitely one to keep your eye on.  It contains seven absolutely top-tier strategy games, along with a lot of the associated expansions; quite comfortably enough for months of, ahem, endless play.
Sega’s strange march to become kings of PC gaming continues apace with the acquisition of Endless Legend developer Amplitude Studios. The French outfit gained fame for its Endless series of strategy games and roguelikes, including Endless Space, Endless Legend, and Dungeon of the Endless.
There are some out there that would call an expansion pack for Endless Legend a tad oxymoronic, but it turns out even endless things can have a sell by date. If you’ve somehow managed to see and do all there is to do in Amplitude Studios’ rather beguiling 4X strategy game, then the promise of more to come should pique your interest.
For Civilization fans of a role-playing bent, there have been few better games released than Amplitude Studios’ Endless Legend. It’s an intoxicating mix of 4X turn-based strategy and RPG, with each of the game’s eight playable factions taking the player on a quest-strewn story. Well, you get the gist that it was good game, and it’s hopefully going to get even better with the announcement of its second expansion pack - Shadows.
Rock Band and Guitar Hero pioneer Harmonix has successfully Kickstarted Amplitude with just hours to spare.