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The videogame publishing equivalent of fishing down the back of the sofa for some change, Atari has dusted off its ageing Asteroids franchise for one more run-out. Is it desperation, madness, or a recipe for nostalgic success? Time will tell, but for now we’ve got our hands on the Asteroids: Outpost launch trailer, as Atari’s latest hits Steam Early Access.
When the first screens for Asteroids Outpost came along it was a bold reminder of just how far we've come. In 31 years gaming has progressed from five-sided polygons drifting around a 2D space to a multiplayer survival sequel in which players must battle for resources and colonise asteroids, building vast bases and claiming vast swathes of territory.
Atari’s got a bit of a thing going at the moment when it comes to scraping through its barrel of ancient IPs, and ‘70s arcade space shooter Asteroids is the next in line for an update. In the original Asteroids you had to manipulate your spaceship through an asteroid field and shoot down the lethal rocks and invading flying saucers. The space rocks would break up into smaller and smaller chunks that you’d have to avoid using your loosely physics-based propulsion system.