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Atomic Heart is shaping up to be quite a mystery at the moment. With little to no transparency on development, and no release date in sight yet. Though despite all this developers Mundfish have given us a brand new update regarding some early PC system requirements.
The highly anticipated Russian immersive sim Atomic Heart just got some brand new fresh gameplay with a mini-boss fight, and if you were wondering why that music sounds familiar, well… that’s because it’s the one and only Mick Gordon. The gameplay itself shows a mix of combat and exploration, ending in the miniboss fight with a creature known as a Plyush.
I can put this firmly in the category of: games that I thought were dead. Remember that weird Russian game that looked kind of like Atomic Heart has seemingly been revived from the dead after a very long gap in information, with a new 45-minute video detailing certain gameplay elements.
Atomic Heart, that strange, beautiful looking game which appeared to drop off the face of the earth, is back. Develop Mundfish has dropped an impressive new in-engine cinematic trailer designed to off one of Atomic Heart’s key characters. He’s a scientist beavering away in the Vavilov Complex Laboratory, and we’d imagine he’s mess around with things he probably shouldn’t be messing with. These ambitious scientists, they’re all the bloody same.