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Warner Bros has finally broken the ice and revealed details and gameplay footage of the only piece of story-based DLC to arrive for last year’s Batman: Arkham Origins.
The wait has been a long one. For many of us the winged protector of Gotham City has faded from our minds somewhat, but fear not because he is back once again.
Warner Bros has angered fans over the weekend by stating that it has no plans to release any more patches for Batman: Arkham Origins as it continues to work on story DLC for the game.
One day, probably, (maybe?) we will bring you Nintendo-related news that is positive, that shows that  the Japanese gaming giant is back on top, competing with the big boys of home consoles once again.
A teaser image for new Batman: Arkham Origins story-based DLC has been put up on the official Batman Arkham twitter feed, revealing the once again the Ice Man cometh.
Warner Brothers have released a new seventeen minute trailer of the eagerly anticipated Batman: Arkham Origins.
Batman: Arkham Origin's producer Guillaume Voghel  recently gave details of the game's punishing “I Am the Night” mode; available after completing both the main game and New Game Plus:
There's good news for those anticipating E3 darling Batman: Arkham Origins, or at least those of the Sony persuasion; developers WB Montreal have announced the Knightfall Pack, exclusively for Playstation 3.
If you were excited to hear about the Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer, you may want to listen closely. It seems that Warner Bros. have started giving out Closed Beta invites to play test it.
Yet more sad news for you Wii U gamers, as Warner Bros have said that they won't be releasing the Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer modes on the Wii U.
You may be a fan of the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins Multiplayer and not even know it; the first multiplayer mode in the series has been announced, and seems pretty good.