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Battlefield might see a new addition to the franchise, though not anytime soon it seems. In the latest financial report for EA, COO and CFO Blake Jorgenson mentioned how their live services have seen a record high in the last twelve months. After some financial jargon he finally states EA will “continue to drive growth in fiscal 2021 and for growth to accelerate in fiscal 2022, led by a new battlefield”.
DICE has taken the wraps off ‘Into to the Jungle’, the sixth chapter of new content for Battlefield V. As you can probably guess from the name, BFV Chapter VI appears to stick closely to what worked so well with the previous chapter, namely the Pacific theatre of war, which provided a much needed injection of positivity… for a short while at least.
Battlefield 1942’s legendary Wake Island is coming to Battlefield as a free update on December 12th, featuring that same familiar horseshoe design but clocking in at roughly twice the size.
The year and change since Battlefield V’s launch, and the months which preceded it, to be honest, haven’t exactly instilled even its die-hard fan base with confidence. DICE hasn’t really followed through on a lot of promises, consistently delaying content, messing around with unwanted modes, and dangling private servers like a carrot on a stick for months on end.
EA has published its earnings and projects for the second fiscal quarter of 2020, teeing up its long term plans in the process. Of particular interest was news on the next Battlefield title, and we could have quite the wait on our hands. Seemingly learning a few lessons from the trials and tribulations of both Battlefield 1, DICE and EA are granting the next Battlefield title significantly more time in development.
Now this is what we’re talking about. DICE has finally taken the lid off War in the Pacific, a major free new chapter update coming to Battlefield V shortly. 
Battlefield V’s riff on the classic (but secretly terrible) Battlefield 3 map Metro is coming out this week. Operation Underground is heading to Battlefield V as a free update tomorrow, October 3rd. 
Battlefield V’s trials and tribulations continue to go from bad to worse as DICE confirms development of the 5 v 5 competitive mode has been cancelled. DICE has been bigging up the new mode for the best part of year, planning to use the new mode to spearhead some form of eSports initiative for the Battlefield franchise.
EA hosted a half-hour segment on Battlefield V during its EA Play event, delving a little more deeply into the five new maps it revealed earlier this week, as well as showcasing a full trailer for Battlefield V Chapter 5 which finally introduces the Pacific theatre of war.
At last, our calls have been answered. No fewer than five (5!) new Battlefield V maps have been announced, promising to bring our awful map drought to an end. BFV was updated with the new Mercury map set on Crete last week but one new map in six months wasn’t really cutting it. DICE has delivered the goods with a new pre-E3 Battlefield V trailer though, showcasing five new maps that’ll be with us between now and the end of Summer, as well as teasing some more far-flung plans.
It’s now been exactly one year since Battlefield V was revealed to the world. It was a fateful date for the franchise, kickstarting a turbulent few months of bizarre controversies that clouded any genuine issues. A faction of the net ended up so distracted by a few cosmetic elements that talk of the actual game fell by the wayside.