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Subnautica’s standalone Below Zero expansion continues to build in scope and ferocity during its time in Steam Early Access. The latest update adds the almighty Ice Worm into a mix, a slithering monster that’s a fair bit bigger than your typical earthworm. It’s so big it’s been called a leviathan, and taking on one of these as you trot around the Arctic Spires looks to be no mean feat.
It’s been out for almost a year but We Happy Few has finally received the first DLC expansion from its three-part season pass. They Came From Below is all very retro sci-fi, featuring a robot uprising that occurs in the seemingly quaint town of Wellington Wells.
Subnautica: Below Zero has arrived on Steam and Epic Store Early Access and it’s landed with a bang. The standalone expansion set on a new freezing underwater planet has already scooped almost 1000 reviews on Steam, 92% of which are positive. I’d love you to tell you what the players on the Epic Games Store think of Subnautica: Below Zero but, well, there’s no functionality for user reviews. You can either risk a blind purchase or head to a competing storefront for early impressions, it’s your call.
Over the weekend, Unknown Worlds revealed Subnautica's standalone Below Zero expansion would be with us in just a matter of days. Subnautica: Below Zero hits Early Access on January 30th. Details are scarce but we can tell you the system requirements for Below Zero are a definitive leap beyond the base game.
Subnautica’s eagerly anticipated Below Zero expansion will be launching into Early Access on January 30th. The particularly good news is that despite Subnautica being an early (and free) showpiece for the Epic store, Subnautica: Below Zero will be available in Early Access on Steam, Discord and the Epic Games Store.
It’s been a five-year slog but Capybara's Below finally has a release date, and we don’t have long to wait.
Unknown Worlds has announced Below Zero, a new standalone expansion for Subnautica that shifts the underwater survival game to the ice-bound region of planet 4546B. Catchy.
By now it’s probably been to more E3’s than Ubisoft, but Capybara Games’ eagerly anticipated Below has been delayed yet again. Scheduled to launch in summer 2016, it has now been delayed indefinitely. From the sounds of it we’re not going here anything more about Below until Capybara can nail down a release date either.
Destiny Players investing in Bungie’s upcoming first DLC pack ‘The Dark Below’ will be off to visit the man in the moon next week - and by the looks of things he knows you’re coming. Hopefully he’ll have laid out tea and biscuits.
Destiny’s launch might have been and gone months ago, way back in the mists of time at the start of this deluge of holiday titles, but Bungie’s online sci-fi adventure is just beginning. First up is Destiny’s first full-blown expansion, The Dark Below, which is arriving is arriving in December.
Bungie has revealed all the goodies that are going to be part of the first expansion for its multiplayer sci-fi shooter. The first piece of downloadable content, dubbed The Dark Below, will be having a date with Destiny on December 9th and comes packing new armour, weapons and gear, a load of new story content, a level cap raise and a new 6-player raid dungeon - or two if you’re a PlayStation owner, but more on that later.