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The upcoming furry kung-fu fable adventure officially launches today, but at what time exactly? Biomutant is clearly a divisive game among critics at the moment, but despite that anticipations are still high for the release on PC and consoles. So what time does Biomutant unlock in your region?
Tomorrow will finally see the launch of Biomutant on PC and other platforms, touted as a furry kung-fu adventure that lets you mutate and mold your character around your playstyle, the game certainly looks pretty good but how well does it perform? More specifically, how demanding is each graphics settings individually? What are the most demanding graphics settings? And how much can we adjust each setting to give us better performance?
Get ready for the furriest of all kung fu fables as Biomutant officially launches tomorrow. We haven't seen much of it up until launch, but from what we have seen the game looks pretty good, but how well does it perform? The official PC system requirements were pretty demanding, so what kind of hardware is needed to play Biomutant at its best? We take a look at the PC performance benchmarks for Biomutant...
The furry kung-fu fable is nearly here, as we are just a day away from the official release of Biomutant. So far the trailers and gameplay have showcased a pretty colorful and spectacular world, but what kind of graphics settings can we expect in Biomutant? And by how much can we adjust them?
This month has seen some pretty incredible releases so far, as May has clearly been the biggest month for games this year. However, we still have one more release coming out soon that is sure to excite some fans, but we still have very little idea on what it actually is all about and what exactly the gameplay is like.
We are just over a week away from the official release of THQ Nordic’s furry kung-fu martial arts game Biomutant, and so far we haven’t actually seen a lot of the game in raw, unedited form. Thankfully, the publisher has released some videos to give us a better look at how well the game performs and plays on PC and consoles.
The upcoming furry kung-fu action game Biomutant is all about creating the deadliest, furriest, martial arts master in a sprawling open world. One of the major pillars of its gameplay is the action - which was shown off in a previous trailer already - but the other pillar is its world, and THQ Nordic has just released a brand new trailer showcasing the gorgeous environments. 
Experiment 101’s upcoming furry kung-fu RPG known as Biomutant is finally launching this year on May 25th after a long quiet period following the game’s delay. But as it turns out, the new title will be available on EA Play Pro on launch day, providing a cheap alternative to playing the game for that month.
The furry kung-fu action fable from THQ Nordic, Biomutant, is now officially launching on May 25th this year. After some delays and a long quiet period from the developers, it is now actually coming, and for those who have been asking for some more gameplay until release they have now revealed a new combat gameplay trailer.
THQ's upcoming furry kung-fu adventure is launching on May 25th this year, and in anticipation the developers have already revealed the official PC system requirements for the game. There a few noteworthy issues, but overall you won't need the latest hardware that you can't even buy to run Biomutant at its best at least.
It’s a sad thing to admit but the games industry is unfortunately rife with unpaid overtime, unrealistic deadlines, and releasing unfinished, buggy products at launch. It is fair to say then, that it’s a breath of fresh air when Experiment 101, the developers behind the upcoming Biomutant, revealed that their silence last year was to ensure the game shipped in a polished and stable state, as well as avoiding crunch time as much as possible.