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It’s nearly Halloweeeeen… and you know what that means? It’s time for a spooktastic spooktober! Most of the scary games and movies come out at this time, or re-emerge from slumber to scare our socks off, just like Bloober Team’s Blair Witch tie-in game which is officially getting a VR update this Halloween.
The movie single-handedly responsible for filling millions with a fear of nature itself, Blair Witch was nothing less than a horror phenomenon when it arrived all those years ago. But the games? Not so much. Layers of Fear alumni Bloober Team are here to have another bite at his particular apple with the upcoming Blair Witch though, a story-driven psychological horror game designed to adapt to your reactions to fear and stress.
When Blair Witch was revealed during Microsoft’s Xbox E3 press conference we got a fairly cryptic look at what’s in store. The horror adventure game is out in just in a month’s time though, so we’ve now been given a look at what we can expect from a gameplay perspective. Bloober Team has built up a reputation for horror takes on walking sims after the likes of Layers of Fear and Observer, but Blair Witch appears to have more active gameplay elements, puzzles, and even combat.
One of the highlights of the Xbox E3 conference was the reveal of Blair Witch, a new story-driven psychological horror game designed to study and gauge a player's reaction when placed under extreme fear and stress. It all sounds like a proper jolly time. Blair Witch is from Bloober Team, the Layers of Fear studio, and it's coming to PC and Xbox One real soon, landing on August 30th. In the meantime, if you were wondering what the PC system specs for Blair Witch are, we've got you covered.