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Even after numerous rumors, we still haven’t got any sight of a Bloodborne PC port and remaster. So whilst PC fans anxiously await some sort of port, a developer known as Max Mraz has created their own version of Bloodborne for PC, with a zelda-inspired demake of From Software’s iconic PlayStation 4 exclusive.
Console exclusives suck for PC players, as usually a console exclusive will launch either on Sony’s platform or Microsoft’s as well as PC. But Sony’s PS4 exclusives have been just that, a purely PlayStation 4 exclusive title, and arguably one of the biggest games on there was From Software’s infamous Lovecraftian-esque Bloodborne. However, some recent rumors suggest that Bloodborne is finally getting a PC port soon.
Sony’s PlayStation Plus service has been loaded with some absolute duds over the years, but all is quickly forgiven when they’re bundling it games like Bloodborne. The PlayStation Plus lineup for March has been revealed, and subscribers to Sony’s online service will gain access to the mighty Bloodborne and the excellent Ratchet & Clank remake.
In the next logical step for the PlayStation Now streaming service, Sony is opening it up to PlayStation 4 games. Later this year, PC and PS4 users will be able to stream PS4 games directly to their devices.
After months of waiting, From Software has finally revealed The Old Hunters expansion pack for PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne. They’ve sent along one heck of a trailer, showcasing a few of the new environments and, more importantly, the new enemies and bosses which hunters will be taking on. A few of them look absolutely spectacular, in particular a boss spewing electrical bolts from its body, along with a frankly magnificent mutant thing with tendrils erupting out of its head. Which I think is a horse, but it’s really difficult to tell.
Bloodborne’s latest trailer is enough to incite uncontrollable drooling in all but the driest-mouthed misers. From Software’s gothic hack and slash adventure hits PlayStation 4 next week, and Sony has sent along a rather nifty TV trailer to help those days, minutes, and hours creep by until its launch.
It’s not often I describe a blood-spattered slice of Gothic horror as delightful, but From Software’s Bloodborne looks like it’s shaping up to be a truly incredible experience. With just under two weeks to go until Bloodborne begins slicing up PlayStation 4’s left, right and centre, Sony Japan has released an incredible launch trailer to whet our appetites.
To be quite honest I’d completely overlooked Bloodborne even having a semblance of a plot, such was my preoccupation with stabbing weird scarecrow men with a scythe. From Software has released a new Bloodborne story trailer, but it’s typically hard to decipher, as is the want of the Souls games. And make no mistake, this is a Souls game in all but name.
If you’re anything like me, the presence of a proper tutorial in Demon’s and Dark Souls would have been immensely comforting. From Software’s hack ‘n’ slashers can be all kinds of obtuse to newcomers, a fact not helped by their propensity of throwing hideously lethal enemies at you from the get-go.
From Software has revealed a brand new gameplay trailer from its hugely promising follow up to the Dark Souls series, Bloodborne. Developed in conjunction with Sony Japan and coming exclusively to PlayStation 4, Bloodborne looks like a claret-spattered high-octane version of Souls, where this time attack is the best form of defence.
It’s not very often that a game gets announced and then turns up on time or, dare we say, earlier than expected, but following its E3 2014 unveiling From Software has confirmed that Bloodborne will be arriving on February 6th 2015 as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.