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AMD’s downward spiral in the CPU market has at last been halted, at least temporarily. After 14 consecutive quarters of decline, the latest quarterly market share report from PassMark suggests the release of its Ryzen CPUs has resulted in a slight bump for AMD.
Stop the press! It’s been a long time coming but AMD has at long last halted Nvidia’s gaining of graphics card market share. Having dropped to an all-time low of just 18% of the global GPU market, AMD has turned things around and posted a 2.4% increase. This raises their overall share to 21.1% in Q4 2015, in comparison to Nvidia which still leads the way with 78.8%.
There’s some good news at last for AMD, with the latest figures showing AMD’s share of the graphics card market is on the up. The report from Jon Peddie Research shows that AMD has halted its rapid decline, growing its market share from 18% last quarter up to 18.8 this quarter. Now that’s not a huge growth, but at least now AMD is heading in the right direction with Radeon graphics. It’s bucked the trend of its downward spiral and could be seen as a breakout quarter. This time last year for example, AMD was sitting with 28.4% of the market, plummeting in the 9 months since.
Konami has released a gameplay video showcasing some of the weaponry found in Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2.




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