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Valve’s infamous Steam Controller saw to bridge the gap between traditional mouse & keyboard controls and gamepad controllers, whether it worked is debatable, but it certainly wasn’t the most popular controller for players. After officially discontinuing the Steam Controller last year, it seems that Valve hasn’t quite scrapped the idea completely, as a new patent was filed for a Steam Controller but this time with swappable components.
PlayStation have officially unveiled the first look at their new ‘DualSense’ PS5 controller, which brings a heap of new designs and features for the next-gen console. Revealing the details on their official PlayStation blog, the new two-toned design and features mark a radical departure from their previous designs that will bring increased immersion to players, aiming for the controller to be “an extension of themselves.”
The new DLC for Control: The Foundation. The bizarre adventures of one Jesse Faden continue in this, the first expansion of Control. Get ready to get weird, again, if this trailer is anything to go by then the newest DLC will be just as wild as the base game.
The first DLC for Control is out in the next two weeks. ‘The Foundation’ will take players beneath the Bureau and back into the oldest house itself to uncover even more mysteries. Playing as Jesse again, we can expect everything to be just as bonkers as the base game. We knew that Remedy is working on 4 new projects after Control; two of which are expansions for the game, The Foundation being the first and the mysteriously titled AWE (Altered World Events, but somehow linked to the Alan Wake series) being the second.
It’s not often that we get a VFX breakdown of a video game, usually they come out after a TV show or movie showcased some truly spectacular visual effects. However the guys over at Remedy decided that the world doesn’t have enough video game VFX breakdowns. It’s no secret that Control is a beautiful game, but peeking behind the curtain to see how they made some of the mind-boggling effects is really fascinating.
Remedy Entertainment has been busy recently. After a successful year for their studio from Control’s positive reaction and large following, it’s no surprise that one of the best developers in single-player story games is working on some new projects. Some we’ve known about for a while and others are a little more mysterious…
I was under the extremely misguided impression I’d seen it all in the world of video games. I’m not sure how I could really account for a multi-billion dollar corporation putting a screen in the back of a controller but there we are, that’s exactly what Sony’s done with a new DualShock 4 upgrade.
Valve has announced its divisive Steam Controller has been discontinued. There will be no more production of Steam Controllers and the existing stock is all that will ever be available.
UPDATE: Remedy has rolled back the update for Control which added DRM to the PC version. Control on PC has now reverted to version 1.03 for the time being, removing the always-online DRM feature added in update 1.04.
While it’s not someone that will appeal to everyone, Steam’s Remote Play feature has made great strides since it came out of beta. While the feature was initially limited to Steam Link devices, Remote Play is now widely available through Steam Link apps on phones, tablets, and even built straight into smart TVs. With the press of a button, you can start streaming a game straight from your PC onto your device of choice.
Digital Bros, the parent company of publisher 505 Games, has published a financial document which exposes how much Epic paid for Control’s Epic Games Store exclusivity.