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Ahhh, the Cossacks series. For strategy gamers kicking about over the turn of the century it no doubt holds a fond place in their hearts. It certainly does mine, although I doubt time has been kind. After more than a decade away it's back though with Cossacks 3. Similar in style to the classic Age of Empires games, Cossacks 3 is all about base building, resource gathering, and, most importantly, epic battles. Players have thousands of units at their fingertips, with Cossacks 3 placing the emphasis on Total War-style unit formations and terrain height advantages. It's out in September, but before you stride into battle see if your gaming PC is up to the task with the official Cossacks 3 system requirements.
Military tacticians of a historical bent have had precious little to crow about in recent years, but Ukrainian developer GSC Game World is looking to fix this by unleashing the first Cossacks game in over a decade. There’s a brand new trailer for Cossacks 3 you see, showing the Prussian forces fending off a mighty attack from an unknown enemy.
This reawakened a part of my memory I had forgotten even existed, but S.T.A.L.K.E.R. creator GSC Game World has announced it’s returning to its roots, creating a sequel in the series that began it all for them - Cossacks 3.