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Long in development, Crackdown 3 is with us at last. I suspect this particular game has been in a bit of development hell over the last five years, but we've got is another old-school superhero-style beat-um-up romp across a giant city. When Crackdown 3 was originally announced it was all about 'the power of the cloud', but if you're playing single-player on PC it's all about the power of your PC.
AMD’s kind of thrown me for a loop here as it’s just pushed out its Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.2.2 graphics card driver which includes support for its recently launched Radeon VII GPU. Driver support for the AMD Radeon VII  comes about a week after the graphics card actually became available. Presumably, the Radeon VII runs fine on older driver versions but this should provide some performance optimisation.
Crackdown 3 has risen from the ashes at last, with Microsoft announcing at X018 that Crackdown 3 will be coming to PC and Xbox One on February 15th, 2019.
Microsoft is hosting its big X018 event tomorrow afternoon, where it'll be showcasing its Xbox One and Windows 10 gaming line-up for the months ahead. The system requirements for Crackdown 3 have just popped up on the Windows Store, presumably ahead of an imminent release date announcement. Crackdown 3 was originally announced over four years ago, so it's been a long time coming. In the meantime, a PC release was confirmed and here are the PC specs required to run Crackdown 3.
Back in the real world, nations are dropping out of the World Cup likes flies. 32 is quickly becoming 16. Here too, in the GD World Cup 2018, we're beginning to wave goodbye to a few games that just couldn't raise the hype like the others. If you want the likes of Hitman 2, Fallout 76, and Nioh 2 to stay in, they'll need every vote to secure victory. It's not just about the games though, as you can also nab yourself a fat prize in our hardware giveaway.
UPDATE: Microsoft has confirmed that Crackdown 3 has been indeed been delayed, confirming the rumours we heard yesterday. Originally due to launch this summer, the Xbox exclusive has been pushed back all the way to February 2019.
Ye Olde Bookestore Amazon appears to have leaked the release dates for Crackdown 3 and State of Decay 2, two of the biggest Windows 10 and Xbox One exclusives due out in 2018.
It’s become a bit of a running joke now, but Microsoft’s Crackdown 3 has been delayed. Again. Previously scheduled to be the premiere launch title for the Xbox One X on November 7th, Crackdown 3 has now been moved to a vague Spring 2018 date.
Originally announced way back during E3 2014, Microsoft has at long last confirmed Crackdown 3 will be dropping on November 7th, 2017. That’s day and date with the Xbox One X. The reveal was joined by a brand spanking new trailer for the single-player campaign, starring none other than, erm, Terry Crews as Commander Jaxon.
Barring an absolutely shocking surprise, Microsoft's live press conference tonight will play host to E3 2017's only hardware reveal. Project Scorpio has been on everyone's lips since it was first teased exactly one year ago, with Microsoft promising to deliver true 4K gaming to consoles.
It’s something most of us had probably all just assumed, but Microsoft has at long last confirmed that Crackdown 3 will be an Xbox Play Anywhere title. This means it will also be playable on PC, alongside the Xbox One and Project Scorpio. Buy it once it digitally and you'll be able to play it on all three platforms with cross-save functionality.