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Minecraft’s seemingly infinite world is going to be defying all logic and becoming even larger next year thanks to the announcement of Minecraft: Dungeons. Doing exactly what it says on the block, Minecraft: Dungeons is a classic-style dungeon crawler set within the Minecraft universe. Minecraft wouldn’t be Minecraft with multiplayer support though, and up to four players can head into the dungeons cooperatively.
Hardcore dungeon crawler The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep has a release date on PC. The RPG from inXile Entertainment and Brian Fargo, writer of the original 1985 The Bard’s Tale, will be launching on September 18th.
JRPG fans on PC are in for a bit of a treat later this year when Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age brings the mainline series to the good old Personal Computer for the first time. And PS4, naturally. Dragon Quest XI has been kicking around in Japan for a while now, but the team at Square Enix have been busy doing a monstrously large localisation effort in order to translate a 90-hour Japanese RPG into umpteen different languages.