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After Crytek announced and released the official remaster of the very first Crysis game, some leaks suggested they could be working on remasters for the sequels too (as well as a few other secret projects). After teasing and then pretty much confirming a remaster of the second game, the entire Remastered Trilogy has been officially announced.
The upcoming Crysis Remastered is officially launching tomorrow, and regardless how you think about the game’s new visuals, the tech on display is certainly impressive. Not only will it actually support resolutions up to 8K, but Crytek recently revealed a brand new ‘Can it Run Crysis’ mode which is designed to use up every last bit of juice in your hardware for the ultimate experience.
The upcoming Remaster of everyone’s favorite PC-melting 2007 game is nearly upon us, Crysis Remastered launches this Friday on September 18th and includes a bunch of new optimizations and graphical features for a true modern day remaster. Now Crytek have released a new tech trailer for Crysis: Remastered in stunning 8K resolution.
We are not that far away from the official launch of Crysis Remastered, which will be releasing as an Epic Games Store exclusive on September 18th, and as a celebration for all things PC gaming Crytek have released a brand new 4K screenshot running on the PC-exclusive “Can It Run Crysis?” Graphic mode.
First it was announced, then the trailer for Crysis Remastered leaked ahead of the official reveal which led to a delay by a few weeks in order to get the quality to a standard we expect. Well, now the official PC system requirements for Crysis Remastered are finally out and they're not what we expected...
The time has finally come, Crytek have officially announced the new released date for Crysis Remastered on PC, along with a brand new tech trailer which gives us a brief glimpse of the kind of graphical enhancements the game has received after it was delayed due to negative feedback about the game’s graphics.
It looks as if Sony have accidentally leaked the launch date of the upcoming Crysis Remastered, as a new video was posted detailing an August 21st release date for the PS4 version. The video has now since been made private, but the cat is almost certainly out the bag now.
Crytek have been busy working on Crysis Remastered recently, after the official gameplay trailer was leaked ahead of the premiere many fans were quick to criticise the graphics of a game that was so infamously tied to melting our computers. This led to the game being delayed “by a few weeks.” Well, it’s been a few weeks now, and Crytek have just updated us with a brand new 8K screenshot with more details coming soon.
It’s a sad day for those who were excited for another generation of melted PCs, as the upcoming Crysis Remastered is reportedly based on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions, which means Crytek are not using the original PC version as the foundation for the remaster.
When it was announced that Crysis was getting a remaster, everyone collectively knew what we were all thinking: “ah boy, here go again.” And so a flurry of jokes arrived about more PCs being melted like they did just over a decade ago. But then the leaks were released, and fans weren’t exactly impressed by the leaked trailer and screenshots for Crysis Remastered, so far as most likely causing the delay of the game’s release date and gameplay trailer premiere.
As some of us may know, Crysis Remastered was supposed to have a gameplay trailer debut about an hour ago, unfortunately the premiere never happened, and the video went private. Turns out the game and it’s gameplay trailer premiere have now been delayed after feedback from the recent screenshots and trailer leak weren’t exactly received very well.