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We’ve been a bit of a dry territory for graphics card driver updates, a sort of sweet mercy for our download caps. This little situation has come about because there’s been practically zero AAA games to speak of, the usual titles which justify Nvidia or AMD kicking into action. Nvidia’s got itself into gear though, releasing a new GeForce Game Ready Driver for Lawbreakers, Ark: Survival Evolved’s proper launch, Dark & Light and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.
I remember being excited by Dark and Light when I was at school, which was, er, 13 years ago now, and after an aborted (read: terrible) launch and a reboot, it’s back. Dark & Light will be launching on Steam Early Access this Thursday, July 20th, Snail Games has announced. It’s joined by an all-new launch trailer, showcasing its vast, fantastical open-world, and a huge showdown with a towering dragon.
In the years of its developing, Snail Games' Dark and Light has undergone some major changes. Originally penned as a classic MMORPG, it has morphed into a private server fantasy survival game with nearly limitless possibilities and the promise of regular, consistent content updates. As fans of Early Access survival games will tell you though, they tend to be fairly performance intensive. Here are the official Dark and Light PC system requirements so you can prepare for the upcoming EA launch.




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