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UPDATE: Dark Souls Remastered has been confirmed. It will be out on May 25th for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. 
We’re about to bid one final, (salty) tearful goodbye to the Dark Souls series this week. After three games, dozens upon dozens of bosses, and hours spend reading the immortalized words ‘You Died’, Dark Souls III brings things to a close with its final DLC. Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City is out on March 28th, packing one last chapter filled with a new area to explore, new bosses, new enemies, new armor, magic and items. Here’s the launch trailer to feast your eyes on…
From Software has announced details of the second and final DLC expansion for Dark Souls 3. The Ringed City DLC takes players on a journey to the end of the world, through some of the most dangerous environments yet, to where the Ringed City ultimately lies.
Hold onto your hats/souls because we’ve got a Dark Souls 3 patch headed our way this Friday. Whether a reference to it being Black Friday we’re not sure, but what we do know is come the 25th of November, patch version 1.9 will be the bargain everyone can afford (if you actually have DS3, otherwise not so much). Featuring a whole lot of tweaks and fixes for the co-op and PvP features, there are sadly no new feature as of yet (a black day indeed), but we’re looking forward to a couple of bugs we’ve seen along the way being well and truly stepped on. Especially in the Ashes of Ariandel DLC, a DLC that is looking to come out spick and span after being featured heavily in these patch note.
We may be in the midst of crazy season but we’ve always got some time to squeeze in some more Dark Souls. Ashes of Ariandel, the first of Dark Souls 3’s expansion packs, is due out very soon indeed, and there’s trailer out to run through its game altering new PvP arena mode.
Just when we thought were out, From Software go and pull us all in again. I’ll admit to totally forgetting Dark Souls 3 even had a season pass, but the first of two large-scale expansions has been announced. Dark Souls III - Ashes of Ariandel takes daring adventures to an entirely new, snowy world, with screen-filling bosses, new weapons, armour sets and magic.
It seems there’s no end of people seemingly intent on completing any Souls game in as daft a manner as possible. We’ve had Twitch Plays, no deaths, and even using a Rock Band guitar, and now the latest showcase for extreme dedication is someone defeating the first boss in Dark Souls 3 using Dance Dance Revolution dance mats.
If you’ve been trying to play Dark Souls 3 during the last week, there’s every chance you’ve encountered some terrible stuttering performance. From Software dropped a quick fix for the purpose of stopping the cheating which was running rampant in the PvP element of Dark Souls III, but in the process broke a whole load of other bits and bobs. From has now taken the decision to roll back and remove the patch entirely, reverting performance back to its previous levels.
Dark Souls producer Hidetaka Miyazaki has said the second DLC expansion for Dark Souls 3 won’t launch until sometime in 2017, a full year after the original game’s launch. Plans are in place to drop the first half of the season pass in autumn, but you’re going to have to hold onto your copy for a long time to get your hands on all the post-launch content.
Dark Souls 3 has a new patch! Don’t panic though, it’s nothing as major as the last 1.1 1.03 update, but for those already intimately familiar with the inner workings of Dark Souls 3 there’s some crucial alterations. I’d hazard a guess the performance update for the Greatsword is the largest change. Those struggling through Dark Souls 3 with this supposedly mighty blade will find it’s been sharpened somewhat, resulting in superior damage.
Dark Souls 3 has finally launched outside of Japan and review copies and with the launch comes a brand new trailer, giving us a taste of what harrowing challenges await us and the areas we will be battling our way through.