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Dead or Alive 6 has been out all of two weeks, priced at £55 / $60 / €70, and now a free-to-play version has been released. This is sure to come as an almighty stinger to those who stumped up the cash for a premium version of DOA 6 around launch.  
It’s only come to my attention courtesy of a tweet from Jim Sterling but Dead or Alive 6 has a Season Pass and it’s unlike just about any we’ve ever seen.
In typically late form for Koei Tecmo, the system requirements for Dead or Alive 6 have been revealed just three days ahead of its March 1st launch on PC. DOA6 is another unmistakeably Japanese 3D fighting game with multi-tiered stages and grappling-centric combat. It's not going to go easy on your system though, here are the DOA6 PC system specs.