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Dead Space 3 is the latest sci-fi horror to reach our gaming platforms. The previous titles delivered a jump fest of gore dripping nasties and the third instalment seems to follow suit.
Dead Space 3 DLC has already been confirmed, with the game itself only having been released in the US so far.
If you happen to own Mass Effect 3 and you're looking forward to Dead Space 3, you might be interested to hear that the N7 suit will be making an appearance.
You'd better watch your language.
While we're still looking back on 2012, new games are already patiently waiting on our doorsteps. One of them is Dead Space 3.
Today during the annual GamesCom event, EA and Visceral has announced the release date for their upcoming highly anticipated horror third-person shooter, Dead Space 3.
Isaac Clarke teams up with John Carver on the frozen world of Tau Volantis. Isolated, swarming with scary monsters, this is the setting for the next Dead Space.
Survival horror fans waited with pounding hearts for the EA conference to kick off at E3 last night, and were rewarded with an action-packed trailer for Dead Space 3, due out February 2013.