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Bethesda and Arkane Lyon have recently announced that their next upcoming immersive sim-style assination game, Deathloop, has unfortunately been delayed until Q2 2021 due to the team adjusting to a work-from-home environment.
The long-awaited gameplay reveal of Arkane’s latest venture has finally been released, giving us a glimpse at the killer groundhog day-style FPS. Whilst not a lot of information has been released about the game or story itself, we did get a good look at the world and gameplay within, plus some of the abilities and weapons players can equip and use to their desire in Deathloop.
Arkane Lyon’s Deathloop was announced during Bethesda 2019 E3 showcase overnight. The Dishonored and Prey developers unveiled a very James Bond-esque ultra-stylised first-person action game that promises to feature Arkane’s “meticulously designed levels and immersive gameplay” that the studio has become famed for.