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Can’t get enough rootin’ n’ tootin’ cowboy action? Well you’re in luck because Desperados 3 just got a brand new update with all new content, free for everyone regardless of the Season Pass. The new content adds 4 Baron’s challenges to the game for you to try and complete with the utmost success, and they look like a lot of fun.
Alright cowboys, the showdown is nearly upon us. Who will win? How does Desperados 3 perform on our PC systems? The wild west is an unforgiving place and rewards players for their quick-reflexes and sharp eyes, so does D3 disappoint? Or does it win the duel between game performance and PC hardware? Let's take a look.
Howdy pardners, we're just a few days from the release of Desperados 3 on PC and we wanted to share with you the graphics settings available that you can find in-game to tweak to your liking. There's quite a few options available, but not a lot overall. There are some great options available though like render scale, which can allow for some crisper UI and menu screens whilst keeping all the in-game textures at a lower resolution for increased performance.
Yeehaw! Howdy, partners, looks like we've got the official PC system requirements for Desperados 3 after those initial preliminary system requirements. So what's changed? Are the specs higher or lower? Let's take a look...
It’s nearly Summer, which can only mean one thing… Summer sales! Yes that’s right it’s everyone’s favorite time of the year not because it’s warm and sunny (unless you live on the other side of the world) but because everyone begins to rush to some ridiculous sales events for video games. Steam is obviously the major one here, but the Epic Games Store has been doing well so far, but it’s the GOG Summer Sale that has just started with some amazing deals, including brand new demos for some upcoming games including the System Shock Remake.
Howdy, partners. Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, Desperados 3 is the sequel to Desperados 2, but is actually a prequel to Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive. Look, it’s confusing, but all the best games/movies are doing it these days, just roll with it okay?
After Helldorados, you could be forgiven for being wary of a Desperados sequel. However, with none other than Shadow Tactics developer Mimimi at the helm for Desperados 3, expectations have soared sky-high for fans of real-time tactics and stealth, Commandos-style. These games have always been perfect for laptop gaming, but how does Desperados 3 fare? Here are the official (preliminary) Desperados 3 PC specs.
THQ Nordic really does want us to relive the good old days. Fresh off the back of announcing a new Jagged Alliance, it’s only gone and announced Desperados III. What makes this of particular interest though is that none other than German developer Mimimi is at the helm. They struck gold with Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun back in 2016, a game very much inspired by Desperados, Commandos and their ilk.