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Take-Two Interactive’s quest for dominating the world of the sports video games industry is getting closer, as the company has officially finalized talks with Codemasters to acquire the racing game developer/publisher. Now whether you yourself class racing as an actual sport pales in comparison to the amount that Take-Two offered Codemasters for the deal: a massive $980 million.
Controllers, they’re not exactly the most popular peripheral on PC as many players will bang on about the superior accuracy you get with a mouse and keyboard. But not all games are action shooters; driving games for instance feel much better on a gamepad controller than a typical mouse and keyboard setup (and of course a proper steering wheel peripheral but that’s much more niche and expensive).
Dirt 5 is officially out today (though if you purchased the Amplified Edition you’ve already been playing it for the past few days), but the launch was plagued with performance issues and various bugs. Thankfully, Codemasters have released a day 1 patch update that says will improve performance as well as other additional changes.
Dirt 5 splashes onto our screens this Friday like the very dirt it skids and races through. It certainly looks pretty, but how well does the latest racing sim perform? Is it demanding like the F1 cars in the Grand Prix? Or is it smooth like the latest sports cars? We take a look at the PC performance benchmarks for Dirt 5...
Dirt 5 is racing onto our screens this Friday at full speed, but whilst the gameplay looks fun, how do the graphics look? And what kind of graphics options are there for us to tinker with? Are they extensive enough to let us fine tune performance like a typical race car mechanic? We take a look at the official Dirt 5 PC graphics settings.
The next game in the Dirt franchise is just under a month away from release, and Codemasters are currently regularly releasing some gameplay videos for our viewing pleasure. This new gameplay video shows off some of the point-to-point rally racing events that you can encounter when Dirt 5 launches on November 6th.
Dirt 5 is right around the corner, and we’re almost a month away until we can get into the real mud and ice of it. Codemasters are slowly bringing out gameplay videos to keep us interested and show off some new stuff in the upcoming racing sim, this time showing off a sunny Cape Town Stadium race in Dirt 5.
Dirt 5 is around the corner, and with it comes the promise of all-new locations, cars, story and more, but one thing that we’ve only had glimpses of before is the dynamic weather system. Well, a new gameplay video has been released for Dirt 5 which gives us a better look at the new system.
Summer is nearly behind us, and what better way to prepare for the cold Winter season ahead than a brand new gameplay video for Dirt 5 on a frozen river in New York. Codemasters have recently released a full race of the Ice Breaker event, which sees up to 12 cars duke it out on the slippery tracks across a variety of locations.
Well, it looks like that week’s delay was a little too optimistic, as Dirt 5 has now been officially delayed again until almost a month later on November 6th. The announcement was made on Twitter, and assured fans that next-gen console versions are still on track to release later this year at least.
Codemasters' latest racing sim Dirt 5 is releasing in a couple months on October 16th after being delayed by a week, but how demanding will the game be when it hits our PC systems? Will we need the horsepower of a high-end car engine to run smoothly? Let's take a look at the official PC system requirements for Dirt 5...