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Yesterday, The Outer Worlds with all the ease of Anakin slaying an entire class of youngling Jedi children. Truly chilling stuff it has to be said but proof, perhaps, that the force is strong in this one. Star Wars Jedi becomes the second game to reach the 12 Games Grand Final and we suspect it's got one eye on force choking Red Dead 2.
After Capcom's titanic yesterday it's time for the indie stars to take centre stage. Our final two titles in the 12 Games of Christmas are the Global Game Awards Indie Game of the Year and The Game Awards Indie Game of the Year. It's time for Outer Wilds, last indie standing is through to the semis.
Disco Elysium, the debut game from ZA/UM , is out now and it’s arrived to some absolutely stellar reviews. It’s a critically acclaimed PC exclusive to shout about, serving up open-world role-playing with literally unprecedented freedom of choice. You play as a detective using a wildly diverse range of skills, tools, and thoughts with which to investigate sprawling murder cases.
Finally! Disco Elysium is a game we’ve been keeping one heck of an investigative eye on and now it’s got a release date at long last. Disco Elysium, for the uninitiated, is a hard-boiled detective thriller, an isometric noir RPG set within a beautiful world. It’s basically style oozing out of it from every which way, and who doesn’t love getting down to the gritty job of proper detective work.
If you're an absolute nerd for investigative drama like yours truly, then Disco Elysium's blend of hard-boiled cop drama and isometric RPG goodness is a match made in heaven. Trot around an open-world town solving a single open-ended case, question witnesses, interrogating suspects and piecing together the clues. Disco Elysium, previously known as No Truce with the Furies, has some gorgeous old-school isometric visuals to bring it alive, which could make it the perfect fodder for those long train journeys.
Every so often there’s a game that comes along that looks so me that it’s a heck of a wonder I’ve somehow never even heard of it. Disco Elysium is just such a game. Previously dubbed ‘No Truce With the Furies’, it’s undergone a bit of a name change this week, no doubt to try and keep those weird furries folk away.