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After changing the official name to DOOM Eternal Standard Edition earlier today, confusing a lot of people, Bethesda has now officially launched the new Ancient Gods DLC - part 1 of 2 in fact. However, the new release has seen some issues cropping up that we thought we should at least make you aware of in case you plan on playing the DLC later.
We’re getting the first bit of juicy DLC for DOOM Eternal today, and is it just me or has the marketing on it been pretty scarce lately? It’s launch day and there’s no launch trailer yet, and to top it all off, it's been renamed DOOM Eternal Standard Edition for some reason, even for owners of the Deluxe Edition.
Thanks to Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Zenimax Media, we’ll soon be seeing more and more of Bethesda’s titles coming to the Xbox Game Pass subscription service, and the first title to come to the subscription service since that $7.5 billion was made has been revealed: DOOM Eternal is officially coming to Xbox Game Pass on October 1st.
A few days ago at the Gamescom Opening Night Live event, we got a good new look at the next DLC for the DOOM Slayer called DOOM Eternal in order to play it.
Bethesda is currently hosting QuakeCon this weekend, an annual event to celebrate all things Quake and some other Bethesda titles too. This year they debuted the very first DLC coming up for DOOM Eternal, called “The Ancient Gods, Part One” and it basically looks just as brutal and metal as the entire base game.
Remember the critically panned launch of Bethesda’s multiplayer experiment Fallout 76? According to Pete Hines, the svp of global marketing/comms at bethesda, FO76’s rough launch was what directly led to the delay of DOOM Eternal and the Fallout 76: Wastelanders update. As the rocky launch forced Bethesda to rethink their quality evaluation process.
After some serious backlash regarding the integration of Denuvo Anti-Cheat and reports of performance issues when update 1 was released, Bethesda has now released update 1.1 which officially removes the software from DOOM Eternal, though you may have to uninstall it manually from your system to get rid of it completely. Plus, the new update fixes those aforementioned performance issues.
Patch and repair, until it is done. Id Software will be officially removing the recently added Denuvo anti-cheat from DOOM Eternal after a significant amount of backlash and performance issues were brought up. In a blog post on the official DOOM subreddit, executive producer of Eternal, Marty Stratton, outlined why the anti-cheat was added, why it’s being removed, and what will be changing in future updates.
The latest update for DOOM Eternal has seen the implementation of Denuvo’s anti-cheat, and the response hasn’t exactly been good. Not to be confused with Denuvo anti-tamper, the new anti-cheat software installs to your computer at the kernel level, granting it the highest level of administrative access to your PC system. Whilst this may not be new when it comes to anti-cheat software, performance drops have been reported and Linux support has apparently been broken with the latest update.
It’s been a while since we got our bloody hands on some demon skulls as we ripped and teared our way through DOOM Eternal’s campaign, and if you’ve been itching for some more demon slaughter content, then don’t fret because Eternal’s campaign DLC is on the way and we have officially gotten our first look thanks to the official DOOM Twitter account.