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Dragon Age 2 Texture Pack has been released. The gig download will enable gamers the chance to boost the games graphics to the Very High setting and allow the use of DX11. Your card has to have DX11 to make use of this texture pack. If we are lucky then a few times a year the PC gamer gets an encouraging nudge to upgrade their graphics card. This is one of those times.
Dragon Age 2 demo is now available!!
Dragon Age 2 is fast approaching. Anyone who fancies an early taster will be able to dip into the game via the Dragon Age 2 demo on 22nd February 2011.
Gamers who purchase Dead Space 2 will get unlocked armour for Dragon Age II with the exclusive "Ser Isaac of Clarke" armor set*.
We have been sent the full Dragon Age 2 system requirements
For those of us who love the fantasy rpg genre prepare to be excited. As well as the continued expansions we have been enjoying for Dragon Age: Origins it seems that Bioware have also been hard at work on the DA sequel. We are being told that it will be with us early next year.Here is a collection of Dragon Age 2 info we have found so far to get you excited...




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