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It’s that time of the week again, as another free game is up for grabs on the Epic Games Store. This time it looks like EGS pulled a last minute switch as last week we were promised the strategy RTS Wargame: Red Dragon, but now we’re being offered the Dungeon Keeper-esque Dungeons 3.
Good news for all you blocky dungeoneers, if you found the base game a bit short then don’t fret because more content for Minecraft: Dungeons is coming soon! The first DLC, called Jungle Awakens, has been confirmed for release sometime in July, and will feature new missions, enemy types, gear and artifacts.
Good evening, adventurers. What's that? You want to battle hordes of mobs and venture into the deep crypts to thwart the plans of the illagers in a fight for our blocky survival? Well hop on in! It's time to see how well Minecraft? Or is it somehow a bit more demanding? Let's take a look...
When it was first announced that there would be a roguelike dungeon crawler spin-off from one of the most popular and successful games ever made, it's understandable that we were a bit surprised. But here we are, and Minecraft Dungeons exists, but before we jump into what we think of it right now, we thought we'd take the usual look at some of the PC graphics settings available in Minecraft Dungeons.
Are you excited for a blocky universe? A new video has been released by Mojang revealing more details on Minecraft: Dungeons, the blocky dungeon crawler based on the original game of mining and crafting. We’ve heard little tidbits here and there about the new game, but this video explains more about the environments you will be traversing through.
From the same media group, Kalypso, that brings the Dictator sim series, Tropico, comes the next evil Dungeon Lord sim, Dungeons 3. Today's Dungeons 3 trailer shows us that after successfully uniting the dark forces in the previous game, Dungeon Lord (you) is now preparing to lead his army of the underworld in a quest to expand his empire. This time you have the help of elf priestess Thayla, who will be able to command your armies from your underground lair while personally looking over the creation of your new dungeon.
Blow the dust off your twenty-sided dice, Dungeons and Dragons is returning this year on PC. Created by Unreal Tournament and The Darkness II studio Digital Extremes, in conjunction with n-Space, Sword Coast Legends sticks to its tabletop roots with four human players co-operating together in an adventure managed in real-time by player-controlled Dungeon Masters.
Dungeon Keeper was a classic from the 90's. This would have been the game that inspired Overlord.