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We haven’t got a code, unfortunately, but the performance of Dynasty Warriors 9 on PC is allegedly terrible. Alarm bells began ringing when Tecmo Koei didn’t think it would be worth bothering releasing the PC system requirements until the day of Dynasty Warriors 9’s launch, and our suspicions have been proven true.
Tecmo Koei has taken its sweet time revealing the system requirements for Dynasty Warriors 9, announcing them the same day as DW9 releases on PC. Does that mean we have something to worry about? Let's take a look at Dynasty Warrior 9's official PC system specs.
Dynasty Warriors is a series often guilty of sticking to a tried and trusted formula, but Dynasty Warriors 9 looks like the biggest shake-up yet. A brand spanking new, army obliterating trailer delves into all the new features inbound for DW9, beginning with its most obvious change - the shift to an open-world for the first time ever in long-running series.
Earlier this year Koei Tecmo confirmed Dynasty Warriors 9 would be coming to PC day and date with the console release. Well, we’ve now got a proper date - Dynasty Warriors 9 will be bringing its OTT blend of hack and slash and historical antics on February 13th, 2018. I hope you haven’t got any Valentine’s plans.
Dynasty Warriors 9, the latest game in the long-running hack and slash Dynasty Warriors series from Omega Force, is coming to PC, Koei Tecmo has announced. The series is a pioneer of the long-running Musou genre, and Dynasty Warriors 9 features an open-world for the first time, with a traversable map of China that can be explored in free roam.