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In case you missed it, Pro Evolution Soccer is now calling itself eFootball PES 2020 for this year's release. Konami have signed up Manchester United to appear in all its new season glory, but unfortunately the Liverpool (who you may have noticed won the European Championship this year) contract was ended. This Konami-Liverpool contract came to its natural end on Sunday 30th June.
Lace up your boots, the PC demo for eFootball PES 2020 in inbound. Konami has taken Pro Evolution Soccer down the deed poll office for a name change, rebranding it the tongue-garbling eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020. Yes, Konami has somehow managed to squeeze both football and soccer into the same game name, successfully winding up both sides of the great football/soccer divide.
Like clockwork, Pro Evolution Soccer is back for another outing in 2019. Or is it? Konami has rebranded the series. Wave goodbye to Pro Evo, say hello to eFootball PES 2020. Quite the mouthful.



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