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Change is afoot at Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries, a mere year before Halo Infinite is due to arrive as Project Scarlett launch title. Not only did creative director Tim Longo leave 343 Industries a couple of months ago but now executive producer Mary Olson has also announced she’s left.
It's been a mighty busy few days at E3 2019. The show floor has opened its doors at long last, but before then we had a deluge of conferences and game announces. This year's event was perhaps a little light on surprising moments, the calm before the storm of next-gen, but there are still a ton of gaming announcements to sink your teeth into.
Warner Bros has revealed its plans to focus greater attention on the games as a service (GaaS) model, disclosing its intention to “increasingly move everything to games as a service.” David Haddad, president of Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, was talking to GamesBeat about the publisher’s future plans, and he envisions a future where games can enjoy long-term success and the addition of regular content updates.
We've got through the hectic part of E3 2018. Most of the publisher conferences are now done and dusted. It's been a blitz of game reveals, trailers, and teases, outlining what we'll be playing over the next couple of years. There's been some returning faces, shocking surprises, and of course a few disappointments. Trying to keep track of it all can be an all-consuming task, so here we've got a round up of all the major events that have happened so far at E3 2018.
Valve has finally taken some time to address a few controversies that have been rocking the Steam store, namely the removal of content consider to be extreme, such as Active Shooter, a school-shooting simulator.
Nintendo had a fairly blockbuster evening yesterday, hosting a half-hour Nintendo Direct with a whole heap of news for games on the Nintendo Switch and its aging 3DS handheld. For the most part, it was Nintendo laying out its release plans between now and the end of the summer, but there was also time to tease one huge holiday release - Smash Bros.
It was the eye-catching artwork of Jakub Rozalski that first caught everyone’s attention with Iron Harvest, and now King Art Games is backing up the enticing 1920’s dieselpunk alternate history concept with strong RTS systems.
After all this talk of loot crates, it’s nice to slip back into some altogether more pleasant news. After recent rumours surrounding troubled development at CD Projekt RED, studio president Adam Kicinski has been speaking out about the potential of Cyberpunk 2077. He believes CDPR can better The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in every way.
Bethesda’s just dropped a suitably horrific new trailer for The Evil Within 2. Dubbed ‘Survive’, it’s all about relentlessly drilling a single point into your head - it’s all your fault that your daughter’s missing. Enemy design is on point, as ever, including that horrific stalking creature with a camera for a face, along with the drooping monstrosity at 1:29 that looks plucked straight out of the depths of Bloodborne’s more depraved creations.
E3 2017 has been pretty manic so far, with game announcements stacked on top of hardware reveals. We've heard cries of "exclusive!", "console exclusive", and perhaps the worst "console launch exclusive!", so making sense of exactly what's coming to your preferred platform can be a tricky business. Here's all the news we've reported from on E3 2017 so far, covering the big publisher conferences and show floor announcements.
A few years back a strange app/game called Mountain took the mobile world by storm. In it you played as a procedurally generated mountain and just, well, watched. Now the creator David OReilly is back with Everything, a universe simulator for PC and PlayStation 4. He’s just released a 10-minute mini-movie to accompany a release date announcement for Everything, all set to a narration from late British philosopher Alan Watts. It all looks absolutely fascinating, but prepare to have your mind implode.