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The first Iron Galaxy wants you to know about Extinction is that you’ll be fighting f’ing huge 150-foot-tall monsters, clambering over them and chopping them away in epic battles. But that’s not all that Extinction offers, apparently, as the new ‘Features’ trailer explains.
Iron Galaxy has announced that giant-battler Extinction will be launching on April 10th, and has also sent along the official PC system requirements. Extinction is a single-player action adventure in which you play as one of the world's last Sentinels, taking on 150-foot tall monsters destroying entire cities. It's brawling on the grandest scale, and sure to give Attack of Titan fans a kick. David didn't take on Goliath without preparing his trusty slingshot first though, so make sure you're ready by checking out Extinction's PC specs first.
This November we are expecting the evolution of the 2012 MMO dinosaur shooter with Primal Carnage Extinction. Class based, fast paced, multiplayer dinosaur simulation is inbound from indie devs Circle Five Studios. They released original Primal Carnage in 2012 and two years on they have revised the online dinosaurs versus humans arena title.
Despite Primal Carnage having a slightly troubled launch a couple of years back, life will find a way and it's gone on to become a mighty fine multiplayer shooter following a host of updates, basically becoming the one-stop-shop for dino fans. Not that there’s a huge amount of competition; Turok was last seen jumping off a cliff, The Stomping Land is up to all sorts of mischief, and Trespasser, well, it tried hard, bless it.
Following hot in the footsteps of yesterday’s teaser footage for Call of Duty: Ghosts’ new xenomorph-blasting Extinction mode comes the first official gameplay trailer.
We’ve had a close encounter with the third kind this weekend as Activision has posted a teaser clip of a brand new game mode set to feature in Call of Duty: Ghosts.