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Facebook have accidentally leaked their own new VR headset, the Oculus Quest 2. A video and some placeholder articles were accidentally set live on the Facebook Blueprint website, revealing the Oculus Quest 2 and some tech details. Not a lot was revealed, like the price or availability, but we know a couple details at least.
July’s Marvel's Avengers War Table livestream just debuted, and with it we got a lot of new juicy content to cover, the first of which includes more details about what we can expect when the Beta arrives in just a few weeks, plus a look at some post-launch content like the addition of Hawkeye.
Ever since the Source 2 development tools were released by Valve shortly after Half-Life: Alyx’s official release, several modders have already begun debuting their own fan-made Half-Life content in VR. But one group has set themselves an interesting task; remaking the entire Nintendo 64 classic Goldeneye In Half Life ALyx.
The next-gen wars hath begun. In a surprising turn of events, Microsoft used The Game Awards to officially unveil its next-generation games console - the Xbox Series X. My gut reaction is this is a completely daft and confusing name for the masses, ringing all sorts of Wii U alarm bells all over again. Still, as the old saying goes, it's what's inside that counts.
We know some people love their PC build designs to be a little on the crazy side but InWin’s new Yong range really is taking it to another level. InWong Yong PC cases begin at an absolutely eye-watering €3,999. This isn’t just wallet-shredding; it’s taking a bunker buster to your bank account and laughing at your newfound debt.
UPDATE: Well, it's taken all of about 40 minutes for Lisa Su herself to come out and address the rumours she is leaving AMD.
Square Enix dropped the new ‘Eye of the Storm’ cinematic trailer for Just Cause 4 during Microsoft’s X018 event last night.
Sony just hosted its PlayStation LineUp Tour Event in Japan ahead of the Tokyo Game Show 2018, and one of the biggest announcements was undoubtedly the reveal of Judge Eyes, the new game from Sega’s Yakuza Studio.
DICE has announced the second wave of the Battlefield V Closed Alpha will be kicking off this coming Tuesday, August 14th.
While it might seem they're all wrapped up in lawsuits, Stardock is actually busy reviving the class Star Control series. Part space exploration, part management, players have a universe at their fingertips and the problem of an alien race known as the Scryve which wants to exterminate humanity. Star Control Origins is a rebirth of a very old game series, but that doesn't mean any old PC going to be able to run it. Here are the official Star Control Origins system requirements.
After Square Enix spectacularly misfired for the surprise Steam launch of Chrono Trigger on PC, the Japanese publisher has now done what it didn’t with Nier Automata and released a patch for Chrono Trigger that fixes some of the more glaring issues.