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Hot on the heels of Nvidia’s RTX 20 Series driver release, AMD has pushed out the Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.9.2 GPU drivers with improved performance across a range of new AAA titles.
AMD has just dropped a new Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.8.2 GPU driver release to coincide with the recent launch of F1 2018, along with providing support for today’s launch of Strange Brigade, a new co-op shooter from the creators of Sniper Elite.
Ladies and gents, start your engines, the PC system requirements for F1 2018 have been revealed. Codemasters' gloriously good-looking digital recreation of one of the world's fastest motorsports revels in the attention to detail. Fortunately, immersing yourself in the thrills of F1 2018 doesn't require forking out the cash for a Ferrari. PC gamers can play F1 2018 and race around Monaco for a far more reasonable cost.
Codemasters has been positively eking out the info on F1 2018. The game is out on a few weeks and we’ve finally got the first official screenshots. If you want gameplay details you’re going to have to wait a little longer it seems, but for now, feast on your eyes on these incredibly detailed new in-engine shots.
Codemasters’ F1 games are a little bit different from the usual sports outings in that they tend to release during the back half of the FIA Formula One World Championship they’re actually based on. It’s a little bit of a weird setup, meaning that in the months leading up to the launch the actual F1 races are happening and Codies is busy trying to piggyback off it.
You’d think there’s only so far that Codemasters can take a Formula 1 game these days, but with F1 2018 they’re continuing to push the boundaries of visuals and authenticity. The first gameplay trailer has been released for F1 2018, showcasing a lap around the iconic Circuit de Monaco, all narrated by the one and only Charles Leclerc or, er, the Sauber F1 team.
Like clockwork, Codemasters has announced F1 2018, the official video game of the 2018 FIA Formula One World Championship, almost a year to do the day since F1 2017 was announced.