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Arma 3’s sci-fi ‘Contact’ expansion is arriving next month, bringing an all-new alien menace as well as the 163 square kilometre expanse of Livonia to explore. Details have been a bit sketchy about what it all entails but Bohemia Interactive has now dropped an extensive new sandbox trailer that delves into many of the goodies that are in-store.
We’ve now got less than a month to go until we get a full-blown new historical Total War game, the first in quite some time. Total War: Three Kingdoms comes to PC on May 23rd, realising a huge three-way conflict between the warring kingdoms of ancient China following the collapse of the Han Empire.
DICE has confirmed that Battlefield V will launch in October with just two playable factions. As we saw in the reveal trailer, Battlefield V will feature the British forces for the Allies and the German forces for the Axis. But that’s your lot, at least for launch.
There’s nothing quite as OTT sci-fi as gigantic lumbering spaceships helmed by Space Marines and Tyranids, fighting to the death in The 13th Black Crusade, and fans of such epic-scale slaughter will be chuffed to hear that Battlefleet Gothic is back. The suitably named Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 once again continues the real-time strategy adaptation of one of Games Workshops' famous tabletop games.
It looks as if the logical progression of Call of Duty has run its course. After tracing its lineage from World War II all the way through to near-future bionic combat there was really only one way they could top - to infinity and beyond.
Quelle surprise, the Tom Clancy’s The Division beta is back, and this time it’s open to all. You kind of have to feel for the thousands, or potentially millions of players that Ubisoft encouraged to buy into or pre-order the beta, when just a fortnight later it's available to everybody.