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Look, for all the criticism we and everyone have thrown Bethesda’s way for Fallout 76, you can at least admit they’re trying. They probably should have tried before launch, sure, but in the ensuing 18 months or so they’ve been throwing nylon bags and kitchen sinks at trying to make this thing work. Next up is the arrival of the eagerly anticipated (at least among the F76 community) Wastelanders expansion, heralding a ton of new content as well as a Steam edition launch for Fallout 76.
Sometimes, you’ve just got to wonder what’s going through the heads of certain publishers. Case in point Bethesda, who have been working hard since the terrible launch of Fallout 76 last year to right the wrongs and deliver a somewhat competent product. It’s now whipped the rug out from underneath it with the announcement of Fallout 1st, a premium subscription service for Fallout 76.
It’s a bit of an odd one but Bethesda has just announced Fallout Legacy, a ‘complete’ collection of nearly every Fallout game that’s ever been made.
Bethesda game director Todd Howard has had some surprisingly candid words to share about Fallout 76. The post-apocalyptic multiplayer survival RPG arrived late last year to a critical mauling, earning an average score of just 53%. For long-time Fallout fans, this was a shocking fall from grace for the franchise.
Bethesda appears to have thrown the towel in when it comes to convincing players to use its own game client and store.
Fallout 76 has just been updated with its first free content update, breathing some new life into a world that wasn’t brimful of it at launch. Wild Appalachia adds a big ol’ bunch of new features to the ailing online RPG, including new questlines, features, events, a brewery crafting system for some dodgy moonshine, and masks, lots of terrifying masks.
It may a shambling ghoul of a game at this point, but Bethesda has little choice but to keep working at Fallout 76 and try to make it come good. Bethesda recently announced a new PvP survival mode for Fallout 76 which got a section of the fan base raging. The developer has quickly reassured fans this isn’t the only new content coming to Fallout 76 in March, with plans in place for additional PvE end-game content.
UPDATE: Bethesda has shot down reports that Fallout 76 could potentially be going free-to-play, categorically stating "There is no truth to this rumor". 
Bethesda’s torrid time with Fallout 76 has, sadly for the publisher, continued into 2019. Fallout 76 players have discovered a hidden developer room within the game’s open-world and have begun rummaging through it to discover unreleased content and secret, potentially game-breaking weapons and items.
Okay, this is just getting awkward now. Bethesda’s list of Fallout 76 gaffes is now growing longer than Santa’s naughty or nice scroll. Fresh from Nylonbag-gate, Bethesda’s support website has now been granting total access to the support ticketing system for anyone that submits a ticket.
UPDATE: Bethesda has performed an about turn and announced it has finalised manufacturing plans for replacement canvas bags for anybody who purchase the $200 Power Armor Edition of Fallout 76.