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Time and time again, online store services like Microsoft, Xbox, or even PlayStation have accidentally leaked information not available to the public just yet. After a recent delay from a February release date, Far Cry 6 is now listed to launch on May 25th 2021 according to the Xbox Store.
Well, some more news about delays hits the headlines, as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the world of video game development. In a recent Q2 earnings call, Ubisoft revealed that both Far Cry 6 and Rainbow Six Quarantine have been delayed and moved to the 2021-2022 fiscal year.
With the recent announcement of AMD’s Ryzen 5000 series of processors (and the new RTX 30 series GPUs from Nvidia), now seems like the perfect time to upgrade our PC rigs to get that ultimate next-gen performance. In celebration of the new Zen 3-based CPUs, AMD is one again offering their “Equipped to Win” bundle, this time including the upcoming Far Cry 6 with any new purchase of a Ryzen 5000 or even Ryzen 3000 series processor. 
Ubisoft recently held a livestream event yesterday to showcase and reveal some new gameplay for Watch Dogs Legion and the official world premiere trailer for Far Cry 6 after some plot details and release date were leaked ahead of time. But Ubisoft have now also revealed some brand new screenshots for FC6 revealing more of the game's setting, graphics, and season pass content.
The next addition to the open-world action series Far Cry has officially been revealed during the Ubisoft Forward E3-style live event tonight. After some plot details and release date leaked for Far Cry 6 on Friday, Ubisoft themselves have officially revealed Far Cry 6 during the show, with a brand new world premiere trailer as well as the official cinematic title sequence revealing the official release date of February 18th 2021.
Ubisoft really isn’t having a good time with leaks at the moment, as Far Cry 6 has reportedly been leaked by the PlayStation Store with a full description and release date revealed, allegedly releasing on February 18th 2021. 
Let’s face it, we all know that Ubisoft is going to announce Far Cry 6 soon, and when better than during their very own E3-style digital event at Ubisoft Forward. A new rumor is circulating at the moment that puts Breaking Bad’s very own Giancarlo Esposito, who played the iconic villain Gus Fring, in the next entry. It comes from a now deleted story by another press outlet.
It’s inevitable, we all know it, Ubisoft is bound to reveal the next title in the Far Cry series soon, and all rumors are pointing towards the Ubisoft Forward online showcase event on July 12th. According to these rumors, Far Cry 5.
Mods are great, but sometimes level editors are even better. Giving players full control over crafting their own levels and experience with much more user friendly drag-and-drop systems than the hard to master game engines and coding languages. Arguably one of the best in the industry is the Far Cry level editor, more specifically the Half-Life: Alyx’s opening area just goes to prove it.
It was certainly inevitable that, after the COVID-19 situation caused the cancellation of E3 2020, certain companies would transition to a digital event showcase instead. Many studios have announced what they are doing now in wake of this whole situation, and Ubisoft has just revealed their own E3-style digital events showcase, Ubisoft Forward, coming this Summer.
Do you know the definition of insanity? Far Cry 3’s infamous villain Vaas does, and he’ll happily tell you over a scenic chat in the jungles of the Rook islands, who knows, maybe you’ll even go for a little swim afterwards? In a recent AMA on Reddit, the actor for Vaas, Michael Mando, who also plays the famous character Nacho in the Breaking Bad TV show spinoff, Better Call Saul, teased that he might return for the role in the future.