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Yesterday GD’s own Bluej511 posted his review for Pure Farming 2018 and he loved it, bar a few major caveats. Firstly, the absence of multiplayer, and secondly, it’s lacking the broad range of equipment available in Farming Simulator 2017. Fortunately, Ice Flames and Techland are going some distance to alleviate at least one of these issues in the coming months, outlining a content roadmap for Pure Farming 2018 for the six or so months.
After inexplicably going mobile only last year, Farming Simulator 2017 is back where it belongs on PC and console this year. Which is just as well, because I’ve been itching to get back behind the wheel of a sub-compact utility tractor. I’m only joking, that’s for farming noobs. I’ll be busting out the backhoe loader and getting to some real work. The delights of tractors form the basis of Farming Simulator 17’s new trailer, which is near as dammit to tractor porn. What a time to be alive.
Here we go again, the sim classic is back home to roost for another year. The big moos is that Giants Software and publisher Focus Home Interactive have announced Farming Simulator 17 will be sowing its seeds on PC and consoles at the tail end of the harvest season. These games tend to tractor surprisingly big audience, lulled in by the prospect of animal husbandry and the zen-like ploughing of fields.